NCT 2018

NCT 2018 Empathy (stylized in uppercase) is the debut studio album by South Korean boy group NCT. It was released on March 14, 2018. The album marks the appearance of the group's three new members Kun, Jungwoo and Lucas., The Project Consisted Of The Full 18-Members Active At The Time Of Its Release 

NCT Fandom Name: – NCTzen (Meaning All The Fans Are Citizens Of NCT)
NCT Fan Color: Pearl Neo Champagne

The Members Are As Follows:

Taeil - Vocalist (Sub-Unit(s): NCT U, NCT 127)
Johnny - Rapper, Dancer, Vocalist (Sub-Unit(s): NCT 127)
Taeyong - Leader, Rapper, Dancer, Vocalist, Center/Face of the Group, Visual (Sub-Unit(s): NCT U, NCT 127)
Yuta - Vocalist, Rapper, Dancer (Sub-Unit(s): NCT 127)
Kun - Vocalist (Sub-Unit(s): NCT U, WayV)
Doyoung - Vocalist (Sub-Unit(s): NCT U, NCT 127)
Ten - Dancer, Rapper, Vocalist (Sub-Unit(s): NCT U, WayV)
Jaehyun - Vocalist, Dancer, Rapper, Visual (Sub-Unit(s): NCT U, NCT 127)
WinWin - Dancer, Vocalist (Sub-Unit(s): NCT U, NCT 127, WayV)
Jungwoo - Vocalist, Dancer (Sub-Unit(s): NCT U, NCT 127)
Lucas - Rapper, Vocalist, Dancer (Sub-Unit(s): NCT U, WayV
Mark - Rapper, Dancer, Vocalist (Sub-Unit(s): NCT U, NCT 127, NCT Dream (graduation date: December 31st, 2018)
Renjun - Vocalist (Sub-Unit(s): NCT Dream)
Jeno - Dancer, Vocalist, Rapper (Sub-Unit(s): NCT Dream)
Haechan - Vocalist, Dancer (Sub-Unit(s): NCT 127, NCT Dream, NCT U)
Jaemin - Rapper, Dancer, Vocalist (Sub-Unit(s): NCT Dream)
Chenle - Vocalist (Sub-Unit(s): NCT Dream)
Jisung - Dancer, Vocalist, Rapper, Maknae (Sub-Unit(s): NCT Dream)

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